MEJ Analytics AI

Today’s tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of the Settings tab in Analytics AI. The tutorial begins by detailing the brand settings, allowing users to customize their brand’s appearance by adding logos, favicon, title text, footer text, and selecting layout preferences such as language, transparency, and color scheme. The session emphasizes the ability to save changes after making adjustments to the brand settings.

The tutorial then delves into system settings, where users can configure date and time formats, redirect URLs, and email settings. This includes specifying mail drivers, hosts, ports, usernames, passwords, encryption, and email addresses for sending test mails. The importance of performing a successful test mail is highlighted, ensuring the accuracy of the settings.

Furthermore, the tutorial covers Slack settings, enabling users to integrate Slack webhook URLs for their app. Lastly, the session explores the email notification settings for daily, monthly, and weekly reports, emphasizing the option to enable email notifications for these reports. This comprehensive overview equips users with the knowledge to effectively configure various settings within Analytics AI.

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