MEJ Analytics AI

Today, we’re going to explore the Standard tab in Analytics AI. When you access the Standard tab as a new user, you’ll notice that it’s initially empty. However, if there’s existing data, you’ll find a range of insightful metrics and reports. These may include total users, activities, month-wise, year-wise, and week-wise reports, user bounce registration duration, and user locations. Additionally, you can track active live users, app activity, active pages on your site, and device-specific sessions such as desktop, mobile, and tablet. The Standard tab also offers convenient report-sharing options. By clicking on “Share Report,” you can easily copy the URL and share it on your website. Moreover, if you require added security, you can password-protect the URL and share the password with the intended recipients. In summary, the Standard tab provides a wealth of valuable insights and reporting capabilities, empowering users to analyze and share data effectively.

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