MEJ Analytics AI

Today’s tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of the Analytics AI and MEJ Product. The session begins with a step-by-step guide for new users, detailing the registration process, which involves entering full name, email, password, and confirmation of the password. Upon successful registration, users gain access to the dashboard. For existing users, the login process is straightforward, requiring the entry of email and password to sign in. The tutorial proceeds to explore the dashboard layout, highlighting the top bar, which features the brand name, profile, and language preferences. The sidebar encompasses user roles, quick view, widgets, standard analytics, channels, audience, pages, SEO, custom, alerts, stream, reports, plans, and settings. The main camera is also introduced, providing an overview of the dashboard’s features and functionalities.

Furthermore, the tutorial emphasizes the dashboard’s capabilities, such as displaying site overviews and providing options to update user profiles, including name, email, and profile picture. Additionally, users can modify their passwords by entering the current password and specifying a new one.

In conclusion, the tutorial offers a quick overview of the image analytics available within the dashboard. This comprehensive session equips users with a thorough understanding of the Analytics AI and MEJ Product.

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