MEJ Analytics AI

Your Ultimate Solution for Effortless Google Analytics Reporting

If you’re in the marketing industry, Google Analytics is most likely your best friend. Landing page performance, sessions, traffic sources, conversions, conversion rate, and bounce rate are concepts you’re familiar with. But do you know how to present these key metrics in the best way possible? Enter MEJ Analytics AI, the analytics reporting tool that’s about to revolutionize how you and your clients perceive analytics data.

Gather all your results in one Google Analytics reporting tool

With MEJ Analytics AI, you can gather all your analytics results in one convenient place. Enter your Google Analytics credentials from all your accounts, sources, and webpages. Add any other data sources you want in your report, such as social media, PPC, SEO, and more. MEJ Analytics AI does the heavy data visualization lifting for you, so you can track all your digital marketing platforms in one performance report.

More report templates for digital marketers

While MEJ Analytics AI offers Google Analytics report templates, they also cater to other digital marketing strategies. For example, their SEO report template is tailored for agency clients who don’t need to see every single KPI but rather actionable metrics relevant to their business goals. They also have a social media report template, perfect for leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. For those in the e-commerce space, the e-commerce report template allows you to track crucial metrics like transactions, revenue, product sales, and conversion rate by channel. Additionally, MEJ Analytics AI offers a PPC and SEM report template to simplify tracking, optimization, and reporting on your paid media and search campaigns.

White-label Google Analytics reports

MEJ Analytics AI allows you to get rid of their branding through their white-label options, making your analytics dashboard completely yours. You can replace the default MEJ Analytics AI URL with a custom domain branded to your company, such as You can also fully customize your Google Analytics report design with your brand, your client’s brand, or even your favorite color schemes. Additionally, MEJ Analytics AI offers complete white labeling, allowing you to remove MEJ Analytics AI branding, add your own logo, and use your own custom email address to send reports.

An all-in-one analytics reporting tool

While Google Analytics is the number one data source for websites, MEJ Analytics AI understands that other platforms impact your website’s data as well. That’s why they provide integrations with more than 30 platforms including Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Moz, and Google Ads. With MEJ Analytics AI, you can seamlessly connect all your data sources to get a comprehensive view of your website’s performance.

Easy-to-use templates for effortless reporting

MEJ Analytics AI understands that time is of the essence, which is why they have created multiple preset templates for you to get started. You can even use a nifty Google Analytics report template to track your goal completions right away. Whether you're focused on e-commerce or social media, MEJ Analytics AI has templates for all your marketing campaigns, helping you save time and streamline your reporting.

A completely automated reporting process

One of the key advantages of MEJ Analytics AI is its easy automated reporting process. The Google Analytics reporting tool gathers all your data, from all your sources, and updates it every single day. You can even send automated emails to your team, client, or boss. Using reporting dashboards doesn't have to be complicated; MEJ Analytics AI simplifies the process for you.

All the top features at your fingertips

MEJ Analytics AI offers a range of features with all their plans to enhance your reporting experience. These include unlimited data sources in your dashboards, unlimited users in your account, unlimited integrations, and unlimited CSV file upload and support. You also have access to your very own product specialist, ensuring smooth and efficient reporting.

The platform also offers time-saving features such as 1000+ preset widgets, 50+ report templates, multi-widget merging, cloning, and grouping options, and all available sharing options including PDF, URL, and email dispatch. Furthermore, MEJ Analytics AI provides customization options such as advanced widget editing, preset color themes, custom dashboard templates, editable dashboard header and logo, section headers, comment boxes, and notes.

Rocking the analytics reporting world for many years.

MEJ Analytics AI has been rocking the analytics reporting world since years. As one of the first analytics reporting tools on the market, they have accumulated a significant wealth of knowledge over the years, leading to a deep understanding of their clients. Thousands of small businesses and marketing agencies from all around the world have benefited from their expertise and experience.


MEJ Analytics AI is an analytics reporting tool that offers an impressive range of features and services. With their easy-to-use templates, automated reporting process, and variety of report templates, MEJ Analytics AI simplifies and enhances your reporting experience. By connecting all your data sources, including Google Analytics and other platforms, MEJ Analytics AI provides a comprehensive view of your website's performance. So why wait? Plug in your own data and witness the power of MEJ Analytics AI today.

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