MEJ Analytics AI

Streamlining Your Business with MEJ Analytics AI SEO Reporting

All of your marketing data is available in an automated SEO reporting software.

A platform that provides comprehensive SEO reporting.

Keeping track of your search engine optimization analytics, monitoring relevant keyword rankings, and obtaining a backlink report can all be done using a single SEO reporting tool, as organic traffic from search engines is typically the primary source of traffic for your business.


Automate the reporting process for your SEO clients.

You can assess your SEO using various tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and your preferred rank checker. However, it can be inconvenient to gather data from each of these tools every time. Instead, you can connect all your SEO reporting tools to MEJ Analytics AI, and we will handle the data retrieval for you. Moreover, we can even send out your SEO reports automatically by setting up your mailing lists. This is the advantage of automated reports

Features: A rewording or restatement.

Our goal is to provide the best online SEO reporting tool while keeping the process as simple as possible. You will receive all the benefits of a real-time customizable client reporting tool without any difficulties. Instead of hiring an in-house IT specialist, you will receive detailed reports with the necessary features.


Consider the amount of time (and money) your team spends on generating SEO reports. Envision the possibility of saving that time and money. That is exactly what our company offers! By utilizing the additional time, your team can invest more in SEO analysis, conducting site audits, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and various other tasks. Furthermore, our exceptional customer service ensures that you receive not just SEO reporting software, but also a sense of tranquility.

Creating a customized theme.

You can fully customize the design of your dashboard with your brand, your client's brand, or even your preferred color schemes!

100% white label

Eliminate the MEJ Analytics AI branding, incorporate your logo, and even utilize your personalized email address for sending reports.

The most excellent software for reporting SEO to clients.

MEJ Analytics AI SEO reporting is crucial as it enables you to present the outcomes of your diligent efforts to your clients, encompassing keyword research, SEO audit, SEO strategy, and ultimately, remarkable results. However, conducting this process individually for each source and report can consume a significant amount of time. This is precisely why numerous marketing agencies, SEO agencies, and SEO experts, among numerous others, have selected us as their designated client SEO reporting tool. By doing so, they can utilize their additional time to generate even greater value for their clients, rather than engaging in manual report creation.

Do you still require assistance?

MEJ Analytics AI is not only an exceptional SEO reporting software equipped with the necessary features, but it also comprises a remarkable team ready to assist you with your client reporting whenever you require help!

Begin using our template for the SEO report.

There are numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) that you could monitor in your SEO report, such as organic visits, broken links, conversion rate, sales, backlinks, SE ranking, and website audit metrics. It can be overwhelming to choose the most suitable ones for your client or small business. Luckily, Mej Analytics AI provides an SEO report sample that you can utilize right away!

Monitor all the Key Performance Indicators that are necessary.

You are knowledgeable about various SEO metrics and KPIs that need to be tracked, including search engine rankings, SERP position tracking, organic searches, page load speed, CTR, organic visits, backlinks, page and domain authority, and more. Additionally, you can monitor your marketing campaigns and gain valuable insights for content marketing. You have the option to choose from our pre-set widgets or create a customized widget if desired.

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